Started my #100HappyDays project/journey/catalogue/journal(?) 22 December 2014. These are the last 100 days of my maternity leave with son #2.

I wrote a blog post about my thoughts at the beginning and my inspiration for taking up the challenge.

You can discover what made me happy on these days as all of the posts are collated under the category tag #100HappyDays!


What have a learned about myself during my 100 days…
◇ Well, for one, I have found that some days it can be tricky to pinpoint what made me happy. That’s not to say that I am unhappy, it’s just hard to break out of the mold and look at yourself through a different lens.
◆ Somedays there are many things I could choose to be my ‘Happy Day moment’. It was hard to choose. I guess these days show me how blessed I am.
◇ There were times I worried what people would think of me/my happy moments. I had moments I wondered if my photo/moment was too plain or boring. I guess that shows I do compare myself to others and perhaps I should do this less. A lot less.
◆ I could see recurring themes in things that made me happy. A great deal of these things were my children, my family, food, and, surprisingly to me, TV(!).

And other things…
◇ Some happy moments are tricky to capture. Or if you’re in the moment, you forget, or you can’t take a photo. These moments can be difficult to recreate in a photo form.
◆ Are you allowed the same photo/thing more than once. Does this make you predictable or even boring?! Does it matter? Would anyone actually realise?!


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