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Margot Mondays: Dear Margot

Parenting is a tough job and we’re never sure if we’re getting it right. All too often you hear the phrase, “I blame the parents”. Where is the instruction manual for my children? Oh, we didn’t get one…

Looks like we’re all learning and muddling along together.

I loved this beautiful letter to Margot from her honest and doting parents.

Loni Found Herself

Now that Margot’s personality is emerging in full-force and we’re past the panic! stage of having a newborn,  it’s becoming easier to imagine navigating the rest of what being a parent entails: rules, discipline, guidance, decisions about schooling and cell phones and dating. All are coming down the pipeline. All will be here before we know it.

Beyond those issues, though, are other, more complicated thoughts.

Dear Margot,

Your dad and I are not perfect, despite how badly we wish we were. We are feeling this out as we go. We’ll try very hard to get it right. We’ll show up each and every day. There are a bunch of things we don’t know, though, and we’ll have to work together (the three of us) to figure it all out:

  • How to teach you to be open to new experiences and trusting of others without being naive, unprepared, or victimized.

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