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Life’s about a ‘like’ and a ‘share’: Ten lessons learnt during a year on social media

Anyone who knows me will know I love social media and I thought these tips were spot on! Well worth a read if you are challenged with overseeing digital output at your workplace, charity, etc.

The Marches Network

Over the past 12 months the Shugborough Estate in Staffordshire has been working hard to expand its social media following. During the 2014 visitor season it saw an 11% increase in paying day visitors, which it attributes largely to social media. At this week’s Staffordshire County Council staff conference Corinne Caddy, Deputy Manager, shared the lessons learnt during the last year and how Shugborough has adapted its tone and content to communicate more effectively online.

  1. pot of goldHave a clear strategy. Focus on what you need to tell people and why. Possible aims might be to drive visits and generate income, improve access to your collections, change perceptions of your museum or create new conversations with visitors. Be clear on your brand and the audience you want to reach.
  2. Analytics are crucial to measure your success. Record how many people follow you, the number of people your posts reach and the percentage of people who engage with your tweets.
  3. Adapt your message for different platforms.

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