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“No photography”

Really interesting discussion about photography in museums and galleries. I hadn’t realised some of the constraints put upon venues so I definitely learnt something by reading this.
Oh, and you might spot a familiar face further down the page…

Wellcome Collection Blog

At a time when ubiquitous selfies are a major talking point in museums and most people have a smart phone in their pocket, one of the most irksome signs to see at exhibition is “no photography”. You might think there’s no harm in it if no one’s looking, but is that true? Russell Dornan explores the reasons you may not be able to get snap happy in an exhibition.

Our latest exhibition, an eagerly anticipated exploration of something many of us enjoy but rarely talk about openly, is one in which I expect people wish they could photograph many of the objects on display. The Institute of Sexology is filled with wonderfully photogenic material. Alas, your camera will not get the chance to direct its lens towards any of it; your eyes and memory will need to suffice as no photography is allowed.

As we teased the exhibition’s installation on…

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