My breastfeeding apology to you all

BBC News – Women might breastfeed in a corner, says UKIP’s Farage


In light of Mr Farage’s comments this morning, I feel I should apologise. I am sorry if I have offended or embarrassed anyone when, apparently ostentatiously, breastfeeding my son when out and about in public. When my baby is hungry and I want to give him the milk that has been perfectly created to meet his specific requirements I should take myself out of view of others. I mean, I absolutely love getting my boobs out in public normally and always aim to show as much flesh as possible when feeding. Lord knows why I bothered buying breastfeeding tops and shawls…

I didn’t realise that as a mum to a young child, I should stay away from busy places and should aim to hide away in corners. In fact I must be confused, I am sure my Health Visiting Team positively encouraged me to get out and do normal things. Something to help me feel like me, increase my confidence and aid my mental health?


So many women struggle with breastfeeding anyway. For those who do manage, they should be supported not made to feel ashamed. Breastfeeding needs to be normalised in society. Only by seeing women feeding their babies in public will it be normalised and give other mums the confidence to give it a try too.

Farage. What an idiot. I do wonder why people vote for him.

I posted a short rant on my facebook page earlier and have been warmed by the overwhelmingly positive view people have of breastfeeding. I am clearly surrounding myself with the right kind of people. I just hope there are enough of us across the country to make Farage’s comments (and anyone else with a similar mindset) irrelevant and laughable.


If you are looking for a breastfeeding friendly venue, one that won’t ask you to sit in the corner or ask you to cover up with a massive napkin, look at the Breastfeeding Friendly website.


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