100 Happy Days

The #100HappyDays Challenge

I’ve a number of friends who, throughout 2014, have been sharing photos each day and tagging them #100HappyDays. It has turned into quite a phenomenon across different social media channels including facebook and instagram.

One of my friends has used the project to chart the countdown to her wedding day and another is benefiting from the challenge as she battles anxiety.


I found an article that was shared in April 2014 by the Daily Mail. It tells a bit more about the challenge…

“The social aspect of the challenge is absolutely not, organizers want us to know, an excuse to gloat about your frequent tropical vacations or Manolo Blahnik shopping spree.

It’s the opposite–the point is to train yourself to focus on the little things that lift your spirits every single day…”

My 100 Happy Days will begin on 22nd December 2014… the last 100 days of my maternity leave.

Going back to work after a year off to take care of my family will be tough. We welcomed baby Oliver into our family in April and in September of the same year, our eldest, Louis, started primary school. It has been a busy and important year for our family.

I want to take up the #100happydays challenge to ensure I am looking for something good in each day, rather than count down the days in a dreary fashion!



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