Life Stories / motherhood

Margot’s birth story

Perhaps the greatest story you’ll ever tell.

I urge every parent to do this. Write your child’s birth story.

Loni Found Herself

“My mother groaned, my father wept,
into the dangerous world I leapt.”
-William Blake

The day before I went into labor I had a check-up and our OBGYN told us that baby’s arrival was…still a little ways off. I had a week to go before our due date and, while I was anxious and ready to go, I also wanted to have a few days off at home to prepare (read: nap) before the big show.

The very next day, while Mike was out picking up carry-out from our favorite Indian joint, my water broke. I was actually texting my friend Tara at the time, and I remember typing out something like “Holy sh*t! What do I do what do I do?” Luckily Tara had been around that particular block before and had gentle, calming, excited-for-me responses. I panic-called Mike, he rushed home (Indian food in tow because…

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