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Behind closed doors: peeling off the label

Definitely worth a read even if, or perhaps especially if, you have no experience of anxiety,

It starts with a prickling on the back of my neck that progresses to hot and cold waves coming over my body and I feel physically sick. I’m breathing too fast and my heart races. My head feels fuzzy and there’s a numb pins and needles sensation in my hands and feet. That is followed by a weird wave of pain across the top of my mouth, between my back teeth, that is jaw clenching awful and a need to DO something, anything,everything. There’s a weird rising feeling in my chest and that’s when the hysteria starts… In just seconds I have succumbed to a panic attack.

The description above is just the latest version I’ve been suffering with but so far it is the most terrifying. Sometimes I am convinced I am about to die. One in three people will suffer with Anxiety, depression or both at some point in their lives.

I’ve been living with both for just over ten years now. I’m only twenty five. That means I have been having panic attacks on and off since I was fourteen years old. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. When I was a teenager it took the form of fainting in high stress situations. Then it progressed to hyperventilation.

The described attack above is what I go through now. I’ve hidden this problem for so long and from so many people that I think it’s about time I told the truth about how my life has been for the last year. The last decade really. I don’t want sympathy or attention. I don’t want to be wrapped in cotton wool. I haven’t ever been wrapped in cotton wool in my entire life so there’s no point tip toeing around me now. What I would like is for people to read this, for the people I know and love to read this, and gain a little bit of insight. It won’t explain away every idiosyncrasy or every mood swing I have, but it might suggest to you why I behave oddly sometimes. It might suggest to you why a friend, colleague or other person in your life seems to have odd moments. It might guide you on adding those extra few words to the end of a sentence to stop it sounding threatening or rude or inconsiderate and instead help the people you suspect are anxious to understand your intentions better.

Please read the full post on Any Other Woman…

Well Done and thank you Anon. Your story is so worth sharing. You are winning this battle and are an inspiration. Good luck for the future xx


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