Counting down to a new year

New Years Eve.

I’m not a fan to be honest.  I’ve found it to be quite overrated,  expensive and an anticlimax. Don’t get me wrong, I do ‘celebrate’ NYE. Its just a bit quieter than the images of party goers you see on TV.

This year, when seeing in the new year at home with our children, we did a balloon countdown!


Each balloon had a time written on it. At that time it was to be burst.

We did it with a pin but you could be interesting with this and devise a game which results in it bursting. Share any ideas in the comments, nice and clean ones please!

Inside is a rolled up piece of paper with an instruction or message on.

It worked really well and gave the children, especially our 5 year old, focus and helped keep the evening on track. We even did some balloons to take us through New Years Day.

Some of our activities included; making snow, playing a family board game, selecting DVD/CDs…


What activities would you include?


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