100 Happy Days / motherhood

#100HappyDays : Day 16

To you this probably looks like a photo of a pot of cottage cheese…


And you’re right. It is.

But to me this represents something more.

Mealtimes can be a little stressful in our house. Ok, maybe not stressful, but they can be flipping hard when you’re weaning* a baby.

Lunchtime today was different.

5yo son was back to school today so baby had my full attention and we didn’t rush. He also tried, and liked, cottage cheese.

So you see, this photo represents trial and error, messy kitchen floors, thrown food and sticky hair, it also represents, to me, small successes along this bumpy road called motherhood.

* or as my Health Visiting Team tell me, “introduction to solid foods”. It’s no longer referred to as weaning. Apparantly.


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