New year’s resolutions from your friendly neighbourhood paramedic

Extremely good advice.

After reading, I immediately changed my phones screen saver which now displays my ‘in case of emergency’ (ICE) contact.

So easy. Go. Do it. Do it now. Then start on the rest of the list.

Protected for break

Happy New Year everyone!  I’m sure like me you are toying with the idea of making resolutions and thinking about how to generally improve your life in 2015.  The fact that most of these resolutions will be abandoned with a sad smile in about March at the latest is neither here nor there really. The desire for self-improvement and happiness should be celebrated at any time of year, regardless of whether we are able to be as strict with ourselves as we’d like.

Thinking of the people I met over 2014, their highs and lows, I thought I might share with you ten resolutions that really could make a difference.  They come from the ‘I wish I’d…’ conversations I’ve had with patients and the general observations of tragedy, misfortune and chaos that swirl around an A&E department.  Most are fairly easy to stick to. Several are blatantly obvious, but the…

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