100 Happy Days / motherhood

#100HappyDays : Day 22


Almost every 2nd and 4th Monday in the month since June last year, I have gone along to the local children’s centre with baby boy. We go for the baby weigh in clinic.

At first I would worry whether or not my littlest boy had put on enough weight. Was I going to be quizzed by our Health Visitor? If he was underweight would I be told I needed to stop breastfeeding and switch to formula? Were they going to be watching how I hold my baby, am I doing thing properly? What if, what if, what if…

It wasn’t long until the worry subsided (it’s still there a little) and I really started to look forward to clinic and even stayed for the whole morning session!

The difference? Well obviously, time. Time to realise I wasn’t being put under the microscope. But more, it was the people. I got to know the mums. I got to know their babies. I made friends.

These ladies and their babies have made a huge impact on me and I don’t think they realise how much they have helped me settle into my role as a mum of 2.

I see them all regularly now and really hope it continues for a long, long time to come. They always make me feel happy.


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