Made me smile :)

Geordie sayings: The top 56 things that you’ll only hear someone from Newcastle say

I am a born and bred Geordie having grown up in Gateshead. I don’t have the accent* any longer having spent my adult life out of the area and now living in the Midlands. That doesn’t stop me from being fiercely proud of my native homeland. I love the North East. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Put me in a room of Geordies and my accent will come back. Or, according to my husband,  when I am tired or drunk it comes through! I also do that embarrassing thing when my mouth and my head don’t match up when saying random words and they come out a hybrid of weird northern/non-northern twang!

When I saw this list from a Newcastle newspaper, it really made me smile.

There are some brilliant words and phrases here. Many of them I didn’t realise were local. I assumed they were said across the country,  such as ‘pop’, honkers, monkeys blood, ‘spelk’, plodge, to ‘get wrang’…



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