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6 life skills you learn on maternity leave

There are definitely LOTS of things I learnt while on maternity leave. Mostly all about baby type thing. How to change a nappy without getting wee’d on, how to feed a baby, you know, all the usual stuff. But there were some things that were definately transferable life skills. I’m sure there are. Now if only my baby brain allows me to remember them…


Thankfully, recently return to work mum, Yummy blogger, can remember them and has blogged about it.

I’ve recently gone back to work after 8 months maternity leave and it got me thinking about life skills you learn on maternity, whether you go back to work or not!

  1. Patience – most people would tell you that I’m quite relaxed and laid-back, so you wouldn’t really see me getting impatient – but nothing prepares you for needing to be patient until you have a baby….. my patience skills were mostly tested when trying everything to soothe a screaming baby or trying to get baby W back to sleep in the middle of the night when he really didn’t want to go back to sleep!
  2. Perseverance – similarly to #1, I seemed to find a new level of perseverance when I became a mum. No unsettled baby was going to defeat me. No amount of times singing ‘twinkle, twinkle…’ at 3am was too much for me. This life skill…

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