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#CWAfterDark : My nightfeed audio diary


A few months ago I recorded an audio diary for my local BBC radio station. I recorded through the night whenever I was up with baby boy for nightfeeds, crying…

It is for a feature called ‘Coventry and Warwickshire After Dark. It is going to be broadcast in short segments through the night TONIGHT (from 7pm 30/1/15 to 6am 31/1/15).
There will be lots of other people featured. All of whom have reasons to be up when most people are sleeping. This includes emergency service people, 24hr vets, street cleaners, party goers and shop keepers (florists, and the like).

Should make for an interesting feature! I’m planning on listening in when I can but, reluctantly, I think I must try and get some sleep. Thank goodness for the I player 😉

Why not tune in? Or follow the tweets using #CwAfterDark.


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