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#MuseumWeek and a mystery object

I just loved this! It just shows, sometimes we need to look a little closer at things. Every item tells its own unique story…

(Oh and have you heard the news? #MuseumWeek is back this year!)

Charlecote Park: Uncovered

Last month, as part of TwitterUK’s#MuseumWeek, we posted a photograph of something we pass each day in the house and think little of…

This fish shaped wooden object hanging on the wall in the porch.

As found in the porch, hanging on the wall... As found in the porch, hanging on the wall…

Any ideas what it is?

For a long time, we’d never really thought about it. As they were hanging in the porch, we thought maybe they’re just a nice decoration. Fish themed to match the ‘luce’ of the Lucy family coat of arms. Perhaps they were for hanging things on, umberella’s or canes.

It wasn’t until Ellen was helping to lock up the house with our House Elves that she had a case of de ja vu. She’d seen these before.

photo (6)

underneathAny ideas?

Ellen had seen these in a shoe museum. The BATA Shoe Museum in Toronto to be precise. The shoes she spotted…

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