Things I have learnt about the school run…

image One of the things I love and hate, in equal measures, is the school run.

I love taking my boy to school, love blowing him a kiss as he disappears into class, love his smile at the end of the day, love being out in all weathers and getting home to put the kettle on, love saying hello to folk on the way and feeling part of the community.

Of course, there are things I don’t love. I hate the rush, I hate the panic of forgetting something or being late, I hate the awkwardness between the grow ups in the playground,  I hate the tiredness of the midweek schoolrun (oh for a lie in!).

I have learned many things about the school run since my little boy started reception in September. My first year of being a #schoolrunmum. Here are a few things…

ā—† Wardrobe wars
I have noticed, approximately 1/3 of the mums will do the school run in their gym gear. Sometimes a little too tight, showing VPL and a bit of muffin top. This results in making you feel;
(i) green with envy. They must have no other children to look after and have oodles of time until the next school run. How else would they fit in gym sessions?!
(ii) inadequate. At least they are working on their flabby bits… šŸ˜¦
A further third of mums are donning office wear. High heels clatter on the playground, pencil skirts and slick jackets. There’s even a neck a chief or two. And the latter third? Well, they’re like me. They might look slightly dishevelled, a little sleep deprived but trying to make an effort with make up (forgive them if the marcara is only adorning one eye, the baby has probably been up in the early hours) and desperately hoping there’s no baby drool/snot/sick covering their clothing which was hastily pulled on before rushing out. Oh and please don’t judge us if you notice we have worn the same outfit more than once that week.

ā—‡ School playgrounds can be lonely places
For children and adults alike.

ā—† The corner shop
Do not go to the corner shop near to the school after the school run. Not unless you have the patience of a saint or have hours of time to waste waiting for, what seems like, every child in the school decides which chocolate bar they want to buy.

ā—‡ Pavement power!
People are precious about the pavement and rarely move over for you, even if you have a pushchair and there’s traffic on the road. And if they do move over, its not much so you still end up veering awkwardly on the edge of the path. Or you move, and don’t get a thank you because…

ā—† People rarely make eye contact!
This has often resulted in me looking like a mad, smiley woman walking down the street. Not everyone smiles back.

ā—‡ Scooters!
You’re going to need eyes in the back of your hear and metal toe capped boots when there are kids scooting to school!

ā—† The friendliest face on the school run is…

The lollipop person (the school crossing official)!

Are you a school run mum/dad/grandparent? What have you discovered in the process of taking your little ones to school? Please tell me I’m not the only one who has thought any of the above!


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