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Bye bye work, Hello baby : Maternity leave

A whole year ago we were searching for someone to cover my job whilst I was on maternity leave. It is a scary and wonderful time. I was full of mixed emotions. I couldn’t wait to finish work and have my baby. I was tired and very large! But I love where I work and felt quite attached to the people and the place. It wasn’t easy to think about leaving and handing it all over.

And then along comes baby… No time to worry about work 🙂

Until the end of maternity leave looms.

Charlecote Park: Uncovered

It is with mixed emotions that I write this post. Both excitement at what lies ahead and sadness as I face leaving my lovely Charlecote for a year*.

Late March, I will be heading off on maternity leave, preparing for quite a different year ahead. This means that I will be handing over my reigns to… erm… well, we don’t know yet! Could it be you?

My role is so varied I can barely describe my ‘typical’ day at work. Working across all the departments, supporting in different ways, I get to see every side of property life. I’m not sure if you can quite fit it all into a standard job description but we had a good go!


I get to look after this blog and our other social media platforms – one of my favourite bits of the job! But I also champion our green practices

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