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Museums take aim at latest threat to priceless artwork: Selfie sticks

This article by Amy Langfield, a New York-based freelance reporter, made me smile, but also gave me food for thought…

Museums take aim at latest threat to priceless artwork: Selfie sticks

“A holiday selling spree of selfie sticks may be dampened by a ban on the gadget at major U.S. museums, as well as some UK venues.

Selfie sticks are already banned at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts; New York’s Museum of Modern Art; Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum; Dia: Beacon museum; and in the indoor galleries at California’s Getty Center and Getty Villa. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is also considering a ban.”


It made me ponder. We got my stepdaughter a selfie stick for Christmas. We had a fantastic day out at a National Trust landscape and she used the selfie stick to take photos and record short videos. It was great fun. We interacted with the landscape we were visiting in a completely different way. It was great and enhanced our visit as a family. If we’d been there purely for the heritage, we probably wouldn’t havebused it, or perhaps would have used it in a different way. I doubt we would use it in an indoor venue.

Here’s another part of the article I enjoyed…

“Even before there were selfie sticks, museums have had run-ins with inattentive guests who damage the art. In 2010 at the Met, a woman taking an adult education class fell and put a six-inch tear into Pablo Picasso’s “The Actor.” In 2006, a guest with a loose shoelace fell down a staircase and “totally demolished” three Qing vases at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England. And the Milwaukee Art Museum 2006 annual report refers to “the unfortunate Martinifest event” when the bronze “Standing Woman” statue by Gaston Lachaise was groped and vomited upon during an after-hours $30 all-you-can-drink party.”

No flash, no comercial photo, no selfie-stick BUT SELFIES ARE FINE
“Shootbklyn: My kind of place…. http://t.co/hqH28yo0Gi” #MuseumSelfie Day

— Lola Liquete (@LolaLiquete) January 21, 2015

“From the first tools made by cavemen to the durable steel selfie stick…” The tired curator dictates to a crowd of future museum people.

— Scott (@ScottsAlive) January 29, 2015

Read the full article on mashable.com


But let’s still take selfies in museums! Send them to @MuseumSelfieDay* #MuseumSelfie

* The above image is from the Museum Selfie Day twitter account


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