Castle Vs Drone

We were up in the North East of England for a few days last week and just happened to catch this story on the local news.

A drone crashed into the beautiful and historic Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland.


I have been curious about drones for some time. Many TV programmes are making use of them to capture stunning aerial images and, in an historic landscape, they can help give us important information. But I had also wondered if and how they are regulated. Where can they be flown? Do you need a licence? What happens if something goes wrong, say, like crashing into the building you’re trying to capture…



This was revealed to be a joke!

I struggled to find any more info on the Bamburgh crash, only managing to pick up this via social media. You’ll notice one tweeter did reply with a link to a proper code of conduct/safety rules.

And when used correctly, drones do capture stunning images.



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