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38 things you should know about being a mum : The Guardian

This article made me smile, and I think I agree with most of them…


Nicci Gerrard
Mother of four

1. If you have books about childbirth that remind you to take your makeup into the hospital so you can look nice after the bloody event, throw them in the bin.

2. Don’t wear dangly earrings: your earlobes will get ripped by small, grabbing hands.

3. Try to stop breastfeeding before your baby has teeth.

4. Don’t boast if your child walks or talks early, and don’t be anxious if they walk or talk late. It means absolutely nothing at all.

5. Be a bit proud of yourself.

6. Read poems out loud in the dead of night.

7. Go to parties and dance.

Afsaneh Knight
Mother of two

1. Other people may be experts on looking after their own child, but not yours. Only you know how to do that.

2. The tiredness will end. When you’re dragging yourself around by your fingernails, it’s easy to think that you will never sleep for more than 45 minutes again. You will.

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