Holding it together

Our emergency services are delivered by people. Human people with feelings. People who care.

How lucky are we?


Protected for break

To my colleague that sought me out for that hug in the ambulance while we were cleaning up…

To the A&E sister who made a point of asking if I was OK and later finding me to pass on the family’s thanks for our help…

To our dispatcher who sent us back to station for tea to have some time to sort myself out…

To my boss who, despite me not requesting him, came out of a meeting to find me and make sure I was ok…

To my colleagues in the crewroom who supported me and made sure I knew that having jobs affect you badly is a good thing, it means you care…

Thanks. This sort of team is what makes it possible to be a paramedic.

And I am OK.  Deep breath, tea, then back on the horse…

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