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Reblogged : Scary Mommy ‘making a mom friend is exactly like dating’

I liked this post from Scary Mommy. I’ve liked their post before too. You might like this if you’re a mum. I can totally relate to those ‘don’t-want-to-be-too-keen-but-OMG-I-have-found-mummymates-hurrah’ feelings…

… But if I wait too long she might think I’m a total flake. Do I observe the 3-Day Rule? OMG, this is stupid, just text her. She seemed pretty cool. I bet we totally hit it off and become BFF’s.We’ll have a standing weekly girls’ night and our kids will have sleepovers. Oh! We could totally do a family BBQ! She is skinny, though. I hope she isn’t vegan or on that caveman diet. But if she is then it is working, she rocked those yoga pants as if she actually does yoga. Ugh, I really need to go on a diet. Alright, I need to text this lady. Ask her to meet at the park next weekend. Will she think I’m being weird asking to meet in public? Hmm…I can’t invite her over here because then I’d have to spring clean this house. Her house is probably super clean. Or maybe it isn’t? She did seem laid back. I bet she totally has piles of laundry on her dining room table too. OK. I’m going to text her! Tonight! Um. Crap. What can I say that is witty, brief, friendly, casual, and that will not make her think, “Who the hell is this?”

This is so hard.

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