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Thoughts about my current library book…


I visit our local library fairly frequently. I take our two boys who each choose books to bring home. It was when I was breastfeeding my younger son that I rediscovered reading. I was feeding all the time. Well, it felt like that anyway. So I got a book out of the library and now, over a year on, I constantly have a book on the go. (I’m also a sucker for reading in the bath! My indulgent ‘me’ time. Love it)

We have a second hand bookshop at work so I sometimes often pick up a bargain from there too. I love getting a book from here because I always donate it back once I have read it.

Anyway, the book I am currently reading is from the library.  Picked up on a whim (snatched moments when the boys are looking for their own tomes). Thing is, I don’t think I am enjoying it. But I keep reading.  I almost feel like I’ll be leaving the characters there hanging in some literary limbo if I don’t find out what twist their lives took.

I also had a reminder that it is due back in a few days so felt the pressure is on the return it…

Does anyone else continue reading a book they know isn’t for them, or is it just me being a bit too polite???


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