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Reblogged : What’s it like to answer angry tweets about trains? BBC News

I thought this a brilliant,  and informative,  article about the people behind corporate social media accounts…

Every day people use social media to vent their spleen about delays, overcrowding and cancellations on the rail network. So who are the people responding to these irate comments?

There’s a cow blocking the West Coast Mainline and hundreds of stranded travellers are complaining. A Liverpool footballer has his feet up on the chair opposite, causing ructions in first class.
A grieving relative wants to know how to get a coffin on board a Pendolino train, while another customer is stuck in the loo without any tissues.

These are just some of the issues raised with UK’s train operators via Twitter or Facebook. Hundreds of thousands of people follow the companies’ accounts, the writers usually known to the public only by their initials or first name.


“We try to get our personalities across,” says Luke Ferris, head of the Twitter team for Virgin West Coast. “If there’s not much happening and we’re not getting much interaction, we try to encourage a conversation with people. When people are training we tell them the tone should be like a phone-in show.”


Read the full article on the BBC website


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