Reblogged : What’s it like to answer angry tweets about trains? BBC News
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Reblogged : What’s it like to answer angry tweets about trains? BBC News

I thought this a brilliant,  and informative,  article about the people behind corporate social media accounts… Every day people use social media to vent their spleen about delays, overcrowding and cancellations on the rail network. So who are the people responding to these irate comments? There’s a cow blocking the West Coast Mainline and hundreds … Continue reading

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Reblogged : Top 10 things executive directors need to know about volunteer services

I work along side a huge team of volunteers. They’re amazing, they’re challenging, they’re different and they’re assets to our organisation. This post from VolunteerPlainTalk is a must read for anyone in a volunteer organisation, especially those who do not manage or work alongside volunteers… I’ve always wanted to see a small pamphlet entitled “Volunteer … Continue reading

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Reblogged : Scary Mommy ‘making a mom friend is exactly like dating’

I liked this post from Scary Mommy. I’ve liked their post before too. You might like this if you’re a mum. I can totally relate to those ‘don’t-want-to-be-too-keen-but-OMG-I-have-found-mummymates-hurrah’ feelings… … But if I wait too long she might think I’m a total flake. Do I observe the 3-Day Rule? OMG, this is stupid, just text … Continue reading

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Reblogged : 10 Ways to Enjoy Your Child Today

It’s chaotic.It’s exhausting.It’s tears mixed with laughing while negotiating about why shoes need to match.It’s beds with too many tenants that leave pee stains on sheets and give kicks to the face.It’s requests to watch Elmo and Frozen everyday. All day. Over and over again. Then again. It’s spilled milk and crunched cheerios. All over … Continue reading